Sunday, July 05, 2009 

The ace up my sleeve

I'm waiting for the day when some innocent kiddo asks me, "what's with the people who stand along the tennis courts, and peer at the court-lines with great interest?"

"Haven't you heard them scream Ooooooohhhh or Oooouchh," I'd ask.

"Yes I think so. They do squeal now and then during a game."

"That is their job you see? They are carefully positioned so that any ball landing just outside the court hits them, and those that land inside misses them. And of course they yelp in pain when they get hit. Helps the umpire make the right decision. Might sound archaic but is actually very accurate."

"Makes sense. Thanks bro."

(Spreading knowledge- that's what I'm here for.)

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Thursday, June 25, 2009 

Can't get you out of my head

My colleague at work has the coolest ring tone- "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison. Plays whenever his wife calls. (There's something really interesting about VM's voice that keeps you hooked. I remember reading a review where the critic remarked that even hearing VM read off names from a telephone directory would leave you goose bumped). So I told my colleague I'd copy the idea if I got myself a doe eyed girl or wife. (I was serious). For the time being I am simply addicted- inadvertently start humming 'BEG' whenever I am restroom-bound!

Thursday, June 18, 2009 

Protean Cricket- I'll have the usual

Yohoo!! Am so glad that South Africa got dumped out of yet another world cup semi final! There are some teams that you just can't stand winning, however eye catching be their play. I strongly feel that way about South African and Australia cricket. ManU spring to mind too. And that's strange for me because I am an unbiased sports watcher (with a proclivity to cheer on 'the David'). I tend to support players (and the teams they move with) rather than being frenetic about a club's fortunes. And therefore, in spite of being a Scholes/Giggs fan for eons, I can't digest United winning anything. Even the FA cup. Ditto with Real Madrid and Brazil. Anyways it's been a Cinderella like ride for Pakistan in England, and I really don't mind any of the remaining three teams winning the tournament (if I were watching the coverage live, all I'd ask was for Ranjit Fernando and Rameez Raja to be given a comic to quietly read in the corner...wonder if they are around this time?). For those w/o access to Star Cricket, catch the highlights on cricketonline-tv.

Tinkering with the idea of going to watch second division football (soccer...grrr!) this Friday- the Austin Aztex lay the carpet out for the Carolina Railhawks (this definitely is a huge step down from having seen PSV trash the daylights out of Ajax). Even the (discounted) $10 entrance appears steep now. I have no second thoughts though about renewing my tix for the Longhorns football season. I never doubted I'd grow up to embrace American football so soon; I'd got a strong dose of vicarious passion from my friends (Penn State and USC supporters) who came to the US and instantly fell in love with the sport. And I truly believe that if you are a sports fan with an eclectic taste, you will follow suit. Last season we got heartbreaking close to challenging for the top honours in US college football. One failed interception (and an unhurried, unpressed one at that) at Lubbock was all that came in the way. Similar to missing a sitter in cricket, and watching the last batsman knock off the winning runs the next ball. Have bitter-sweet and enduring memories of watching that game live with friends at 'Docs' in Austin...and in my naivety I had come dressed in a black-tee, the clours of the Raiders (the guys who beat us that night). But redemption is close by...Sep 19, 2009 is hopefully a day that Texas-tech fans will want to forget.

Saturday, June 13, 2009 

The NY Times is my favourite paper

Folds into just the right size to line shelves with.


ZZ Top...

...gimme more!


Will I ever learn to play the bass?


What's the fuss with wordpress?

Must confess I frequently feel outdated about some of the things that could be done online. I only got to know a few month ago that just about any song you would want is already available on some benevolent soul's computer online. For free. No strings attached. Took me a while to digest. I am stumped about how record companies even continue to exist. Back to wordpress...why are all my friends from blogpost moving over to wordpress? I guess it's to do with some additional flexibility that wordpress offers? Too lazy to dig that out today. Could someone reply with a summary? Please (often helps)?

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